Trekking Corrasi di Oliena

Programme n° 6:  Trekking Corrasi of Oliena ( ring ) (off-road vehicle tour and trekking)

Departure in 4 x 4 vehicles to get to the area of “Daddana”, in the territory of Oliena, where we’ll leave the off-road vehicles  to begin our trek throught footpaths that develop inside a magnificent holm oak forest. Then we follow a winding path which was used by the Shepherds to take their flocks of sheep to new high pastures upon Mount Corrasi (1463 m) After walking for 500 meters we’ll get out of the vegetation and arrive to “Brunc’Arvu”, a plateau from here you can admire the surrounding limestone ridges. After a short rest to get our strength back, we continue towards the top of the mountain crossing rocky peaks, pinnacles, spires and towers, (that remind western movie scenarios) until we reach the summit of Mount Corrasi (1463 m) where we will stop and have our packed lunch. After lunch, we’ll return to the 4x4s all downhill, admiring the various surrounding landscapes.