Su Suercone Campo Donianigoro


Program n°9: On Suercone Camp Donianigoro ( Trekking)

After Transferring from Fonni to Orgosolo in an off-road vehicle, we’ll head to the area of “Sorasi”, “Fundales” and “Scala s’Arenargiu”; in the center of a dense forest of tall holm oaks situated on the western side of Supramonte. Always by off-road vehicle, leaving the Punta Solita area on our left, we carry on for approximately another two kilometers until we get to the plateau of Taletho, where we’ll leave our means of transport and start our trekking. Once arranged the backpacks, we’’ll start the walk. On the way we can admire the various natural troughs of the area, and the typical buildings used by the shepherds for shelter and where he carried out his daily work, immersed in ancient woods, until we reach the plateau of "Campo Donianigoro" where it suddenly opens up "Su Suercone", the biggest karst sinkhole in Sardinia.