Canyon Gorropu, Seddas Baccas, Giunturas


Program n° 8: Gorropu Canyon, Seddas Baccas, Giunturas (off-road vehicle tour and trekking)

Leaving Fonni in a 4 x 4 vehicle we’ll travel along dirt tracks which will allow us to cross Barbagia from Ollolai  to reach the far Ogliastra, passing through the territories of Fonni, Talana and Urzulei, and crossing plains, fields, forests, woods and fords, weìll arrive at the sheepfolds of “Seddas Baccas”. There we leave the jeep and, after doing a necessary step in front of one of the finest specimens of yew trees, we’ll begin the descent towards the canyon of Gorroppu. The rich forest of oaks, strawberry trees and junipers begins to disappear to make room for one of the most evocative and unique images of the island. The walls of “Cordula Orbisi” and the Gorroppu canyon,  together with the mountains of the Supramonte of Orgosolo and the Nuraghes "Mereu" and "Presethu Tortu" form a very natural amphitheater, divided by the waters of the river Flumineddu. Once reached the valley, you can admire the beautiful and famous lakes and the irregular walls of the gorge which have been carved by the continuous rushing of water. In case of heavy rains, the  shelves carved in the rock become an inevitable passage. Once got to the last lake, at the center of the great amphitheater, you can enjoy the spectacular natural landscape with Mediterranean flora, flowers and endemic plants, and the presence of numerous animal species such as the golden eagle and the mouflon. For our return, we’ll retrace our steps until we reach the campfires and then leave again in our off-road vehicles.
*Starting point to be agreed with the groups