Aratu Girgini Ruinas

Programme n° 3:  Aratu-Girgini-Ruinas (off-road vehicle tour)

We leave Fonni on our off-road vehicles and after about 15 minutes we’ll arrive at the shores of Lake Gusana, which are surrounded with a thick forest of holm oaks, cork oaks, downy oaks and Mediterranean maquis, we then continue following an old dirt track which affects the Northern slopes of the Gennargentu mountain, where you can admire some important archeological settlements of various historical periods.
After crossing the “Valle di Aratu” (Aratu Valley) we’ll visit the valley of Girgini, and here we’ll stop for lunch, in a well-equipped area. The programme goes on through the most panoramic areas of this slope of Genargentu, till the archeological village of “Ruinas” the second highest archeological complex of the Island, situated at 1205 meters above sea level. The excursion continues with the view of the waterfall called “Pirincanes” and after that we’ll return to Fonni.